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March 1, 2019by myles

Data Highway Expands Rapidly Through Africa

Paratus Africa has announced that it recently activated additional capacity between West Africa Undersea Cable System (WACS) and Lusaka, Zambia. This follows the recent Paratus Trans Kalahari Fiber project that was built between the WACS landing station in Swakopmund and the Zambian Sesheke border.

This is a prime example of how land-locked countries that do not have access to an undersea cable system and can benefit from the fiber highway. Within the Group, Paratus Zambia is the first to take full advantage of the Trans Kalahari Fiber project. The company now carries this capacity as far north as the town of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Paratus Group CEO Barney Harmse views the extremely volatile economic conditions as an opportunity to further invest in Africa. “Our primary focus has been to establish our own infrastructure and this is vital to ensure that our operations are able to provide the best customer experience.”

This project shows that investment in telecoms infrastructure does have its benefits and it allows Paratus Africa to solidify its position as a leader in quality connectivity across Africa.

Paratus Zambia country manager Marius van Vuuren says this project sets them apart from their competitors and allows them to leverage the fiber network they are installing in Zambia. “Joined with the backhaul network through Namibia, we are now able to provide more options to our client base.”

“With the Group being able to provide backhaul, metro and various access options, we are more competitive and more ready to service our pan-African client base,” he explains.

“We have already earmarked various infrastructure investment projects and are stringently investigating the viability thereof. We are confident that by continuing our investment strategy, Paratus Africa will become the preferred pan-African operator,” concludes Harmse.


About Paratus (

Paratus is a multi-national organisation firmly rooted in Africa. The name Paratus is derived from Latin and used in phrases such as semper paratus and in omnia paratus, loosely translated as “always prepared” and “in all things prepared”.

Paratus has established a prolific Africa network largely independent from other network carriers. Although the development of its own infrastructure is a key component of business growth, Paratus believes that no organisation operates in isolation, and has thus established a symbiosis with strategically selected partner carrier networks to deliver a world-class collaborative pan-African network.

Every interaction with the organisation is characterised by a sharp focus on the customer experience. Through a network of employees, wholly committed to delivering business value, Paratus provides next-generation converged telecommunications solutions to its clients.

With a physical presence in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia, Paratus provides connectivity services to more than 20 African countries.

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