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March 5, 2019by myles

Government Cloud Computing (G-Cloud) is an adoption of cloud computing technologies for provisioning of IT services to government institutions.

Leading governments from around the world are adopting a centralised cloud strategy to enable ubiquitous, on-demand and convenient network access to a shared pool of computing resources (e.g. networks, servers, storage applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort and service provider interaction.

The Kasumigaseki Cloud – Japan • Federal Cloud Computing – US • UK Government G-cloud – UK • Australian Cloud Computing – Australia • Cloud-for-Europe (C4E) – European Union • Belarusian Cloud – Belarus • Canada Cloud Computing – Canada • Tunisia, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Moldova, …

Benefits to government:

Reduce IT budget • Ensure compliance of all IT services to legal, security and other requirements• Increase by up to 80% of legal software used by government and state-owned companies • Reduce corruption risks and increase country investment potential

Benefits to government agencies:

Decrease IT expenses without degradation of quality of IT services • Get access to IT experts advisory group and resolve problems with its own IT staff • Simplification, quality improvement, responsibility reduction in all government IT projects

Extensia Bridge brings the most innovative solutions directly to Africa by partnering with those companies with best in class solutions (who don’t have sales channels in in Africa) directly to you. Active Platform, our G-Cloud partners have a solution portfolio dedicated to bringing government services on-line. We can offer Data Centre build services, specific nationwide solutions for developing eTaxation, eVAT, Cargo Safety Control, Video Surveillance and a cloud brokerage platform for managing a centralised, whole of government approach to provisioning and managing IT services.

IAD 2019 is focussed on accelerating National ICT Maturity rankings and we are offering you and up to 2 colleagues, a free VIP pass. Active Platform and others will be present to show how you can take your government services into the cloud and accelerate your national ICT Maturity. Attending the IAD  will provide you with access to connections and resources to help you to develop your G-Cloud strategy or if you are moving past the planning stage and want to accelerate development, get in touch and we can start the process now and engage in more meaningful discussions at the summit.

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