More Africa NewsPolicy & RegulationSouth Africa: ICASA plans to work with public and private sector in regulating cybersecurity

April 5, 2019by myles

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) says it believes that regulating a safe cyberspace is of public interest, following an inquiry into its role and responsibilities in cybersecurity. It believes there is a provision in the Electronic Communications Act that empowers it to play a role in cybersecurity in terms of network reliability and information security. The authority also resolved that it needs to collaborate with public and private sector organisations.

According to ICASA, its overall position is that cybersecurity is a multi-faceted concept and needs a multi-stakeholder approach. Enabling legislation is required to clarify roles and avoid duplication of resources. ICASA acknowledged that there are legislative processes under way, including the Cybercrime and Critical Infrastructure Bills, which relate to elements of cybersecurity and could affect how it is dealt with in the future.


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