More Africa NewsNigeria: Smile Communications Signs International Data Roaming Agreement With NUU Mobile

April 10, 2019by myles

Smile Communications Nigeria, a specialist in the provision of mobile broadband services, announces the conclusion on 6 April 2019 in Lagos of an international data roaming agreement with NUU Mobile (HKG) Limited.

Through this partnership, Smile Communications’ customers will be able to automatically access the company’s data services when traveling to more than 85 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada or Canada. again Kenya. 

According to Lotanna Anajemba, Head of Brands and Communications at Smile Communication, through this partnership, Smile will allow its customers to continue their international business as if they were still in the country.

He added that the international data roaming service is also available for Smile customers traveling abroad with the Smile Konnect device. However, only NUU Mobile customers traveling to Nigeria will be able to connect to the Smile network.

For Smile Communications, this union with NUU Mobile (HKG) Limited gives it the power to retain customers even when they move to other countries. The network of the company is thus internationalized.

A strategic operation for the telecom company which thus retains a certain continuity of activity on its network and stable revenues.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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