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May 21, 2019by myles

Webafrica is in the process of migrating from Internet Solutions to its own infrastructure provider in partnership with a number of parties, including Echo Service Provider.

The ISP confirmed that it is working on the deployment of a new network, which it says is completely different to the platform it currently uses, following questions from MyBroadband.

“We are very excited about the migration and have been working hard in the background for quite some time now,” Webafrica CTO Alan Kirton told MyBroadband.

“The structure is completely different to our current reseller agreement and we will have full control of each component,” Kirton said.

He said that Webafrica has a great relationship with Internet Solutions and will continue to work with the company, but both parties have reached a stage where they feel they have outgrown aspects of the relationship.

“We will be moving our FTTH and DSL traffic off the IS network in the near future and onto our new network, which is focussed on delivering the best broadband subscriber user experience possible,” Kirton said.

Rollout and capabilities

Kirton told MyBroadband that the new network will feature a number of improvements and will allow Webafrica greater control over its supply chain.

“This new network will allow Webafrica far greater insight and control into the network than before, and it will allow us to better support our customers with direct access to systems and full ownership of supply chain,” he said.

He added that Webafrica is deploying into each of Teraco’s data centres and is currently patching links into all of its upstream and downstream partners.

“Testing is already under way and we look forward to expanding this in the very near future as the network rollout continues,” he said.

The migration is expected to happen in the next three months, with network capabilities already strong.

The results of a speedtest on Webafrica’s new network – using a test link, its standard free router, and on Frogfoot fibre infrastructure – are shown below:

  • Download – 947.22Mbps 
  • Upload – 782.41Mbps
  • Ping – 1ms

Continue working with IS

An Internet Solutions spokesperson confirmed to MyBroadband that it will continue working with Webafrica, as the nature of its relationship with the ISP evolves.

“We continue to work with Webafrica, however, our scope has evolved,” Internet Solutions said.

“We value the ongoing relationship with Webafrica and look forward to continue working with them in the future.”

Source: My Broadband

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