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July 15, 2019by myles

The first digital forum called “Chad-Digital” opened on July 11, 2019 under the theme: “20 after the restructuring of the postal and telecommunications sectors: assessment, challenges and prospects  “. During this meeting, the Minister of Posts, Information and Communication Technologies, Idriss Saleh Bachar, said that ”  remarkable progress has been made to reduce the digital divide in Chad and to arrive accordingly. to the new telecommunications company  “. 

Thanks to the restructuring of the Chadian telecommunications sector by the law of August 17, 1998, which allowed the liberalization of the market, two major private mobile cellular operators, as well as 18 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) started their activities in the country. Between 2014 and 2015, nine laws relating to the postal and electronic communications sector were adopted.

The government has also implemented a program to build multimedia community centers in the country’s 23 provinces, the first three of which have already been implemented in Mongo, Abéché and Amdjarass; granted 3G and 4G licenses to operators for the development of digital broadband services; set up the Telecommunications Market Observatory; inaugurated the optical fiber segment Komé – N’Djamena, over a length of 930 km.

Thanks to all these achievements, the telecom sector in Chad has recorded a growth in the penetration rate of mobile telephony which is now 48%. However, access to the Internet, the bedrock of the digital transformation for which the state has invested so much for many years, has now been disrupted for more than a year.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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