ITMore Africa NewsSouth Africa: Vodacom officially invests the IoT segment by launching its consumer products in the market

July 22, 2019by myles

Consumers of telecom services can already access the connected objects of the mobile operator Vodacom in South Africa. The company officially launched these products in the country under the name “V by Vodacom”.

According to Saloshni Muthal, the head of IoT consumption, the telecom operator demonstrates through these products its ability to empower consumers to protect the objects they cherish by tracking them. ”  In this sense, Vodacom remains committed to transforming the lives of all citizens through new technologies and applications,  ” she added.

Vodacom’s entry into the IoT segment is the result of many strategic investments since 2016. On July 21, the South African mobile operator first acquired XLink Communications Connected Object Service Provider to equip itself with equipment and professionals in the field. In April 2017, he signed a partnership with the technology solution provider PTC for the launch of a platform for connected objects. This, in order to strengthen the network on which the new service will be proposed. Then, on May 13, 2019, Vodacom acquired the majority of IoT.nxt, the provider of innovative solutions for the Internet of Things, which will guarantee the deployment of cutting-edge tools.

According to Saloshni Muthal, the IoT ”  is exciting for Africa, because of its potential to address many of the challenges facing the continent and the socio-economic benefits it brings. For Vodacom, the current and future consumer IoT product line will help customers live better connected lives  . “

Source: Agence Ecofin

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