ITMore Africa NewsZimbabwe: ICT Experts Propose Changes to Cyber Bill

July 23, 2019by myles

Information Communication Technology (ICT) professionals have called for a review of the Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill to provide for the inclusion of more independent experts in the envisaged 11-member Cybersecurity Committee.

Speaking at a Cybersecurity and Digital Economy Workshop recently, Mr Kevin Ngalonde of Dandemutande said at least 30 percent of people on the committee should be seasoned experts with experience in cybersecurity.

“If you check on the composition of the 11 members, it’s not enough because you need experience in these issues, maybe if there is another section or group of dedicated engineers and security experts,” he said.

Section 5 of the Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill proposes the establishment of a Cybersecurity Committee that will manage the Cybersecurity Centre.

The functions of the Cybersecurity Centre, amongst others, shall be to advise Government and implement Government policy on cybercrime and security.

The committee will be reporting to the Minister of ICT.

The committee will consist of 11 members chosen for their telecommunications, law, policy knowledge and skills in respect of any aspect dealt with in the envisioned Act.

Nine members will be from Government and quasi-government institutions. However, only one representative chosen by organisations representing the ICT sector shall be included in the committee. The other member will be from civic society.

Presenting on the benefits of the Bill to the digital economy and its enforcement challenges, Mr Lenias Zhou of Liquid Telecom said the Bill would ensure data integrity, availability and confidentiality among other benefits.

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