More Africa NewsMalawi: Telecoms regulator polishes law to fight poor-quality ICT devices

August 22, 2019by myles

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) wants to stop the importation of ICT devices that do not comply with international standards. She chose as a battle strategy to empower upstream traders, rather than directly repressing.

This responsibility will be reflected in the compliance and interoperability law that it is currently developing. This regulation will provide importers with all the necessary data to bring into the country products that meet regulatory, technical and minimum safety requirements.

Dan Chiwoni, the director of the MACRA Legal Department, during a workshop on the new law on 20 August 2019, justified its necessity in view of the new challenges faced by consumers and even the country by this lack of regulation. appropriate.

Poor quality of service, hacking and data theft, risk to health and the environment, etc. are all threats that the telecom regulator does not want to see multiply.

The law on compliance and interoperability will be added to a series of technical mechanisms, quality control of ICT devices, already adopted by the National Constituent Telecoms Market. The regulatory framework in the making will have the advantage of carrying out an automatic selective sorting for the MACRA, in its mission of control and certification of ICT and telecom equipment.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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