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September 5, 2019by myles

Al-Sadiq Jamal Al-Deen, the director-general of the Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority of Sudan, summoned the bosses of the various telecom companies operating in the country on 3 September 2019. During from this meeting, he summoned each telecom operator representative to take the necessary measures to improve the quality of service whose impact is now preponderant on the living conditions of the population.

Currently, Sudan, which has nearly 41 million inhabitants, is a market of 30.29 million telecom subscribers. That is a significant rate of mobile penetration of 72%.

Yet consumers still denounce, in comparison with other countries in the region, voice and data services that are not always accessible, due to numerous disruptions on the networks. The telecoms regulator believes that a stabilization of communications will contribute more to the development of the market.

During the exchanges, Al-Sadiq Jamal Al-Deen also asked the telecom companies to develop plans for renewal and development of communication services to complete the transition to the fourth generation to meet the new requirements of the telecom market.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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