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More Africa NewsLiberia: Telecoms regulator puts order in the promotional battle between Orange and LonestarCell MTN

September 6, 2019by myles

The Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) has put an end to the promotional mess that has prevailed for several months between mobile operators Orange and LonestarCell MTN. The regulator has indeed defined a strict framework for the offer for three days of free calls to 1 USD.

In a statement issued on September 4, 2019, the LTA explained that customers would still spend $ 1 for three days of calls, but the amount of minutes allocated will be set.

The telecoms regulator said the intervention was needed to end “the predatory price wars that stifled the growth of the sector and led to a significant drop in revenues.”

The LTA data have indeed shown that this situation has caused the rise of anti-competitive behavior that has caused market instability.

Wild promotional packages have resulted in lower revenues for different telecom service providers. This decrease, according to the LTA, hinders innovation as well as infrastructure development at the national level.

More importantly, “it has an impact on the revenues collected by the government that could be used to provide social services, among others.”

For non-promotional rates, the LTA, after consultation with Orange and LonestarCell MTN, has decided that the call minute will now be charged at 0.0156 USD and the megabyte of data at 0.0218 USD.

Source: Agence Ecofin