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October 17, 2019by myles

Gaborone — Government intends to develop the ICT sector in order to achieve social, economic and technological transformation of the country.

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Ms Dorcas Makgato said this during a recent launch of Fibre to the Home Technology, which is expected to give unlimited bandwidth for internet connection to homes.

Minister Makgato said implementation of the Fibre to the Home technology would lead to sustainable transformation of Botswana into a knowledge based economy.

This would enable growth of small businesses to augment contribution to the gross domestic product.

She added that technology must be allowed to evolve and grow in order to bring transformation to communication channels and modes of economic transaction, noting that Fibre to the Home would enhance strength of internet connections without compromise in speed.

Ms Makgato stated that around 11 citizen owned companies would benefit from laying out fibre connections and maintenance projects during and post the implementation phase of the project.

She further urged such companies to ensure that they carried out the projects in a timely fashion and per the agreed requirements.

The minister said implementation of the Fibre to the Home technology was a cascade of the Maitlamo Policy enacted in 2007, which sought to achieve ICT growth.

According to Ms Makgato, the policy had culminated in the implementation of fibre to the building, towers and now homes.

BoFinet brand chairperson, Mr Ratsela Mooketsi, described implementation of Fibre to the Home technology as a milestone towards the country’s digital expansion of the national connectivity network.

He said 14 major towns and areas in the country had received fibre to the building connectivity in the last five years, with the Fibre to the Home being the second phase that would be achieved through a phased out approach.

He said the first phase would be completed by end of November, while the second phase would end around December 2020.

Mr Mooketsi expressed that affordability and neutrality were key to the services offered by Bofinet as an enabler of impeccable connectivity for end users.

BoFinet technical executive, Mr Mpho Koolese, also explained that implementation of Fibre to the Home had started in Gaborone in high residential and gated suburban areas with some already completed.

He said they would do their utmost to minimise environmental damage in laying fibre, by utilising already existing networks and borrowing from other utility services to augment their own.

Source – Daily News

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