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More Africa NewsSomalia wants to adopt the unified license

October 28, 2019by myles

Somalia wants to take a big step forward in the transformation of its telecommunications sector. The country that has no longer had an official telecom license regime since the cessation of activity of the public telecom company in 1991, would like to adopt the unified telecom license.

But before finally adopting the Unified Licensing Framework (ULF), the NCA (the telecom regulator) decided to gather the opinion of industry players. Last week, she launched a public consultation on the subject. At the kick-off meeting, the NCA first introduced to telecommunications carriers, Internet service providers, domain name registrars, broadcasters and relevant government institutions the benefits of the new licensing regime. project.

According to NCA General Manager Abdi Sheik Ahmed, the unified telecom license will allow telecom operators to provide several types of services and technologies that will drive innovation, but also consumer choice. He added that the government has come to the conclusion that it is the best option after year-long discussions and benchmarking with several countries in Africa and Asia.

“We want to be of the current trend. Therefore, our ULF not only takes into account the local context, but also has a forward looking vision to encourage our companies to be globally competitive, “ said Abdi Sheik Ahmed, who said the players in the national telecom sector have until December 5, 2019 to send their opinions and comments to the NCA.

Source: Agence Ecofin