More Industry InsightsExtensia Partners with RZ-Products GmbH (Germany) to bring industry leading datacentre solutions to the African market.

April 20, 2020by myles1

Extensia and RZproducts have answered Africa’s call for a range of high quality and high available datacentre solutions that can be easily and quickly deployed and installed across Africa. The RZproducts product range is unique and manufactured to the highest European standards with ‘plug and play’ self-contained solutions catering for small office requirements to stand-alone containerised solutions and fully modular ‘pay as you grow’ facilities retrofitted to existing space and developed to international standards like the Tier classes of the Uptime Institute.

The DC-ITSafe solution is a micro edge datacentre solution ranging from half a rack up to 4 internconnected racks ‘in office’ solution and fully self-contained for those companies looking to secure their data within their existing office space. The DC-ITSafe unit is completely self-contained and so the environmental conditions in the rest of the office are unaffected. The product range finds many applications in decentralised IT organisations, industry 4.0 and edge computing.

The DC-ITContainer solution is ideal for companies with outdoor space and requirements for 2 to 16 racks. The containerised solution is fully self-contained and can be operational within days of delivery. Further containers can be added over time with no interruption to service if demand grows.

The DC-ITRoom solution is perfect for companies wanting a bespoke design and to retrofit an existing space to the highest datacentre standards. It is a modular solution so expandable allowing you to develop your datacentre along with your current requirements without making huge upfront investments to meet ambitious growth plans. This Room-in-Room solutions are designed to protect mission critical IT infrastructures against physical dangers like fire, water, dust, unauthorized access. The product range finds many applications with banks, utilities, transportation companies, IT and telecom operators.

The DC-ITShielding solution protects a datacentre facility against espionage, electro-magnetic attacks, eavesdropping and other dangers associated with datacentre facilities. Coveted by governments and financial institutions to provide the highest levels of security to retrofit existing or provide an additional layer of security for new datacentre facilities where the highest levels of security are required.

The DC-ITDataSafes solution protects your high value physical data assets (Documents, etc.) against all major threats from fire theft and humidity meeting the highest certification standards.
All Solutions are developed and produced “Made in Germany”.

As a technical leader on edge and mission critical datacenter products and solutions, RZproducts, fully owned subsidiary of the German DataCenterGroup, is bringing its product range and technical expertise to the African market. ‘More and more Governments, Banks, Utility companies or IT and telecom operators (5G) are placing their critical IT under the protection of our highly certified ECB-S room in room solutions. More and more industrial companies rely on our DC-ITSafes to protect their core IT in a critical production environment. With this type of solutions and with our containerized datacenter solutions for a distributed datacenter compute power, we are looking at supporting the needs of an ever more demanding African market’, says Jörgen Venot, International Sales Director of RZproducts.(

Adrian Hall, Director of Extensia Bridge saysWe are proud to be working with the RZ-Products Gmbh to bring the product range that perfectly fits with the requirements of the market and meets the highest international standards. When it comes to securing data, there can be no compromise! Through Extensia’s annual business summits we have been very close to the conversations around the need for datacentre facilities in Africa for many years now. Advances in communication technology, like 5G, Fintech, IoT and Cloud computing, are creating a need for localised datacentre facilities. Caching data locally enables more effective networks and faster access to critical information. It also removes the risks associated with international connectivity that we have seen with recent undersea cable breaks. Localised redundancy is essential and can be a legal requirement while in some cases data sovereignty laws are demanding that locally generated content is stored locally.

Building a large datacentre is costly and almost certainly, is unnecessary at the outset. Building a modular datacentre that can grow with your needs and without interruption to service will ensure your investment AND your data are secured for the long term growth. A self-contained datacentre can be moved along with your office so you do not have to wait years to build your datacenter and you don’t have to risk losing your investment if you relocate, says Richard Pimper International Sales Director for Eastern-Europe and Africa of RZproducts.

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