More Industry InsightsIndigo Broadband’s Keith Pitout on TV white spaces in South Africa

April 22, 2020by myles0

Keith Pitout, chief technology officer of Indigo Broadband, joins TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod for a discussion on television whites-spaces networks in South Africa.

Last Friday, communications regulator Icasa announced, as part of its licensing of emergency temporary spectrum to allow operators to cope with increased network demand during the Covid-19 crisis, that it had licensed three companies to build TV white-spaces networks.

In the podcast, Pitout explains how TVWS technology works, the various trials that have been conducted in South Africa, and the potential for the technology to offer low-cost broadband in underserviced parts of the country at prices well below what the mobile operators can provide.

South Africa has been an early pioneer in Africa in TVWS technology, with Icasa developing regulations to govern the roll-out of networks.

It’s a fascinating discussion about a new field that has the potential to bridge the digital divide in South Africa — don’t miss it!

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Source: Tech Central

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