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More Africa NewsSafaricom Makes Colossal 86% of Total Telecom Revenue in Kenya

May 4, 2020by Adrian Hall0

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) recently released its Economic Survey 2020 report, giving new insights into the country’s economy.

Kenya’s ICT sector remains an important piece of the economy, and within this sector rests Kenya’s telecom industry, and the industry is booming. According to a survey by the KNBS for March 2020, the average Kenyan spends most of their income on airtime.

Kenyans use ICT for their calls, to send texts, send virtual currency and they use data daily – the average Safaricom customer uses up to 1GB of data per month. Kenyans spend a lot of their money on telecoms, and it shows in the statistics.

According to the report, telecommunication operators in Kenya made $2.7-billion (KES 291-billion) in 2019, which is up 7.5% from 2018’s statistic. Safaricom itself made the lion’s share of the industry at $2.3-billion (KES 251-billion) in 2019. According to Tech Weez, this means that Safaricom made 86% of all revenue in the industry last year.

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