More Africa NewsNorth Africa: Huawei strengthens its presence in Northern Africa with the appointment of two new Vice Presidents in the region

May 11, 2020by Adrian Hall0

Huawei  Northern  Africa’s  regional  office1has announced the appointments of Adnane Ben Halimaas Vice President ofPublic Relations for the  Mediterranean  region  and  Loïse  Tamalgo  as  Vice  President of Public  Relations  for  Sub-Saharan Africa, effective Wednesday 6 May 2020.

Africa has been integral to Huawei’s development strategy for over two decades. With a long-term  approach  to  the  continent,  the companyhas  made  significant  investments  in  Africa  to support    the    development    of    Information    and    Communication    Technology    (ICT) infrastructure.

Philippe Wang, Executive Vice President of Huawei Northern Africa, says: “75% of our employees  on  the  continent  are  African,  so  we  are  very  pleased  to  offer  two  of  them  new responsibilities within our teams. They will continue to support our African partners, in both the public and private sectors, to further develop the continent’s digital ecosystem.”

Huawei’s work on the continent makes daily inroads into ensuring better  interconnection forits African consumers.

Adnane  Ben  Halima,  newly  appointed  Vice-President  for Public  Relations for  Huawei Northern  Africa’s  Mediterranean  region,  said:“An interesting challenge awaits us in this digital   age.   We   will   be   working   together   to   tackle every   aspectof   Africa’s   digital transformation and meet the many expectations of our partners.” Loïse  Tamalgo,  new  Vice  President  of Public  Relations for Sub-Saharan  Africa  at Huawei  Northern  Africa,  said: “I  am  convinced  that  our  expertise  together  with  my  13 years  of  experience  at  Huawei  will  enhance  our  understanding  of  local  needs.  The companywill  not  only  be  able  to  increase  its  contribution  to  the  digitaltransformation  but  will  also contribute  to  a  better  social  distribution  of  the  digital  dividend  to  the  populations  in  the countries I cover south of the Sahara.”

Adnane  Ben  Halima,  40, hasa  degree  in  Computer  Engineering  and began  his  career  as  a research   and   development   engineer   at   ST-Microelectronics   before   joining   Huawei Technologies in 2005. He spearheaded the launch of a number of new 3G, 4G, fixed THD and Cloud  platform  networks  in  several  African  countries  as  well  as  the  start-up  of  new  telecom operators.

Loïse  Tamalgo,  43,  holds  an  MBA  and  a  Master’s  in  Applied  Languages  for  Tourism  and Business. He joined Huawei in September 2007 and has contributed to several major projects  such as the Onatel and Telecel Faso network developments and the deployment of data center and  optical  transmission  technology  for  Orange  Burkina.  He  also  served  as  Operator  and Government Account Manager, Country Manager in Burkina Faso for eight years, then Vice President of Sales for Huawei’s office in Côte d’Ivoire for a year and a half.

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