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June 8, 2020by Adrian Hall0

Professor Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, has expressed his confidence that the time is now for licensed Internet Broadband Infrastructure companies (Infracos) to start service roll out nationally. 

The telecom regulator, speaking at a recent online forum reiterated that his organisation would not renege on its promise to deliver accessible and affordable broadband across the country. Professor Danbatta that the continued congestion in the telecoms sector (network) exposes the inadequacy of infrastructure in Nigeria.

Also Referencing the Nigerian Federal government’s commitment to ‘protect’ the country’s telecom infrastructure, his commission will assist the InfraCos to deliver on the infrastructure needs.

According to the following are among the licensed InfraCos in Nigeria: Raeana Nigeria Limited, O’dua Infraco Resources Limited, Fleek Networks Limited, Brinks Integrated Solutions, MainOne Limited (Lagos Zone), Zinox Technologies Limited.

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