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June 12, 2020by Adrian Hall0

To take on the cluttered ISP market, in Botswana, Paratus Telecoms, a pan-African communications service provider specialising in corporate and commercial solutions, is building what it says is “a quality network with double routes providing unrivalled uptime.”

Biztech Africa spoke to the Managing Director of Paratus, Shawn Bruwer, about how their multi-million US dollar infrastructure investment in a national double network and a strategic partnership will boost network quality for their client base across Africa. Bruwer explained that the national network expansion continues where the company can provide their own infrastructure in all major towns in Botswana. Smaller towns and areas will be covered next. Their VSAT solutions cover the entire country, he said.

To take the capacity further into other African countries where Paratus has operations, the company has formed a strategic partnership with BOFINET through the Trans Kalahari Fiber project. Last year Paratus announced that it had invested in the Trans-Kalahari Fiber network, a 4160km long fibre network that spans from the East coast to the West coast of Africa. The network extends from the West Africa Cable System (WACS) cable and connects to the cable landing station in Swakopmund to the EASSY cable landing station in Dar es Salam in Tanzania. The construction of the cable route from Windhoek to Swakopmund took place from 2017 to April 2018.

The new expansion is a double network, where the ‘double’ refers to a backup route for customers “so that when the primary connection fails there is a second route ensuring maximum uptime,” he said. “As a service provider in Botswana we have three routes of which one is Paratus’ own infrastructure,” he said.  This key advantage, particularly in tough economic trading times, allows customers to also “think big” and to capitalise upon always being connected.

Strong competitor

Bruwer adds that businesses do not need to purchase two active connections to maximise uptime because Paratus can guarantee service delivery with their independent infrastructure. The company is the only licensed service provider to offer a wholly owned, independent, cross-border service from Botswana, which plays a strong strategic role in connecting the southern African region, he says.

The telecommunications operator’s double route network enables managed end-to-end connections. This means Paratus can confidently exceed uptime Service Level Agreements for large multinationals in the SADC at competitive rates, he says. He adds that this is a great advantage for the company, as they are a newer player in the market and significantly growing their market share to inspire confidence.

Scope of operations

Bruwer says the strategy is working for them, as they have a rapidly growing client base that is endorsing this ‘thinking big’ rationale. This includes Bank Gaborone, First National Bank, Coca-Cola, Spar, Stefanutti Stocks, Canon, BOC, and Old Mutual.

Paratus operates in six southern African countries (South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, and Botswana) and provides services in over 20 further markets via satellite. The company says it is heavily investing in delivering a quality network across Africa and has developed the first network to link the West and East coasts.

“Paratus has a strong presence on the West coast SADC including Angola and we are currently investigating expansion on the East coast, Central and North Africa. This double routing is a feature throughout the network in all the countries we operate in,” Bruwer added.

Source Biztech Africa

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