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July 17, 2020by myles0

Algerian telecommunications services provider Djezzy has completed a trial of Nokia ultra-high network capacity technology initiated to meet the demand from increasing mobile traffic.

Djezzy trialled Nokia’s Wavence microwave transport solution, with a capacity of 8.5Gbps over a distance of 5.7km.

With its reduced latency and high capacity, the partners said the solution will allow Djezzy to deliver compelling experiences to its 14.2 million subscribers.

Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Djezzy Algeria Eric Bourland, said this is a solid solution for mobile backhaul, the transport network that connects the core network and the radio access network of the mobile network.

“We believe this fast deployment of microwave carrier aggregation will help us achieve our goal of boosting eMBB. It also allows us to improve our network capacity in order to meet the growing mobile traffic demand in Algeria,” said Bourland.

The exercise was conducted in the Algerian city of Sétif and the increased capacity from 3.5Gbps to 8.5Gbps provided evidence in support of the deployment of carrier aggregation technology.

“This will become increasingly important as Djezzy prepares to cope with traffic growth and 4G densification,” reads an excerpt from a joint statement released to the media.

With Nokia Wavence solution, Nokia said operators can access innovative, high-capacity ultra-broadband transceivers to support operators as they transition to 5G networks.

The technology also supports backhaul and fronthaul evolution with multi-gigabit capacity and low-latency transport with industry-leading levels of transmitted power.

Giuseppe Targia, VP MN Transport Business Unit, Mobile Networks at Nokia said the trial is a demonstration of how carrier aggregation technology can be utilised to support the ever-increasing demands for data, particularly at a time when connectivity is so crucial.

“We are delighted to continue our strong partnership with Djezzy on this project and will continue to work with it hand-in-hand to deliver innovative microwave solutions that support its business targets,” said Targia.

Djezzy covers 95% of the Algerian population and its 3G services have been deployed in 48 Algerian provinces or wilayas. In 2016, Djezzy launched its 4G services and has expanded to 38 wilayas with the commitment to cover more by the middle of 2021.

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