More Africa NewsTelecom Namibia upgrades VSAT to bring connectivity to remote areas

August 4, 2020by myles0

Telecom Namibia has upgraded its VSAT hub to ensure faster and reliable connectivity for users in remote areas and will soon begin deploying remote terminals to various areas across the country following successful pilot installations. Lukas Shuuya, Acting Chief Technical Information Officer, noted in a press release that the VSAT service, dubbed ‘Satlink’, is an ideal solution for those who cannot get a voice and/or broadband internet access via the company’s existing wireless or wireline access technologies. ‘Telecom’s upgraded VSAT is based on the latest high capacity, high throughput and low latency satellite technology and supports delivery of both narrowband and broadband connectivity anywhere in Namibia, even in the remotest places,’ he added. Telecom markets a range of Satlink packages offering unlimited data volumes and download speeds of up to 10Mbps.

Source: TeleGeography

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