More Africa NewsNigeria: Despite Covid-19, Leading Telcos Post Impressive Revenue Figures

August 11, 2020by myles0

In Nigeria, the two major mobile telecoms operators have returned ‘great’ trading figures even though the coronavirus pandemic has been wreaking havoc to people health and economic well-being.
MTN Nigeria’s reporting showed that the company is still maintaining its double-digit growth trajectory, with declared revenue growth of 12.6 per cent.
Airtel Nigeria said its quarterly results were “very satisfactory” despite experiencing what appears to be a slight dip in the growth rate of its earning. Regardless, Airtel still reported a revenue increase of 17.1 per cent.
Both companies say they have “voice revenues” to thank for the growth in income, and it is particularly noteworthy, even if not entirely unexpected that average revenue per user has slightly declined since the start of the pandemic.

Source: Broadcast and Media Africa

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