More Africa NewsEthiopia: Stakeholders Consultation on Directives-Infrastructure Sharing and Collocation, and Interconnection

August 24, 2020by myles0

The Ethiopian Communications Authority hereby issues for stakeholder consultation the Amharic versions of the: (1) Telecommunications Interconnection Directive, and (2) Telecommunications Infrastructure and Collocation Directive. The Authority also takes the unusual step of reissuing the English versions of these two draft directives that incorporate helpful comments it received from stakeholders since the Authority issued the draft directives on 3 August 2020. While we regret any inconvenience for our stakeholders, we believe the benefits of issuing improved drafts would far outweigh the possibility of inconvenience caused.

Therefore, the ECA now issues a deadline for the comment period for these two directives, which will be September 12, 2020.  Stakeholder comments may be addressed to the Authority via e-mail at, and preferably, as attachments in both Word document and PDF formats.

FINAL Draft Telecommunications Infrastructure Sharing and Collocation Directive English

FINAL Draft Telecommunications Networks Interconnection Directive English

Source: Ethiopia Communictions Authority

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