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More Africa NewsSenegal: ARTP announces a national awareness campaign on portability to boost competition

September 8, 2020by myles0

Consumers of telecom services in Senegal will be more educated on the portability of mobile numbers. The regulator is announcing an awareness campaign to this effect. It is a question of questioning the populations on their power as active actors of the competition on the telecoms market.

Senegal’s Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority (Artp) will conduct a national awareness campaign on mobile number portability. It was the director-general of the public body Abdoul Ly who announced it on September 5, 2020, during an interview with the 2sTV television channel. He was the guest of his show “Ngalu”.

During this exchange, Abdou Ly declared that “Artp has decided to launch an awareness campaign focused on the portability of mobile telephone numbers in Senegal. The portability of mobile numbers, being the possibility of keeping one’s number in the event of a change of mobile telephone operator, allows subscribers to exercise their free choice on the offers of mobile telecommunications services without the prejudice of losing their telephone number. know by everyone “.

Artp’s renewed focus on portability comes after some friction between Sonatel and consumers, which occurred last July when the leading operator in the telecoms market introduced new data packages called Illimix. The populations, who saw a rise in prices in a difficult economic context caused by the Covid-19, brandished threats of boycott of the telecoms company.

It was the Association of ICT Users (Asutic) – which fiercely opposed its new tariffs and finally obtained their modification from the telecoms regulator in August – which had insisted with Artp on the need to inform populations more on their power over competition as active players in the telecoms market.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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