More Africa NewsMorocco: Azzedine El Mountassir Billah replaces Nadia Fassi-Fehri at the head of Inwi

October 5, 2020by myles0

Nadia Fassi-Fehri is leaving Inwi after 5 years at the head of the telecoms company. She justifies her departure for personal reasons. She has been replaced by Azzedine El Mountassir Billah, the former CEO of the ANRT who will have several challenges to overcome, including the internationalization of Inwi.

Azzedine El Mountassir Billah (photo), the former CEO of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT), is the new acting CEO of mobile operator Wana Corporate which operates under the trade name Inwi. He was appointed by the company’s board of directors, which met on September 30, which also validated the resignation of Nadia Fassi-Fehri.

The now ex-boss of the 3rd Moroccan telecoms company, in terms of market share, submitted her resignation for “personal convenience”. She underlined that she is leaving the company after having completed over the past five years the missions entrusted to her, in particular the restructuring of the company and the return of growth with the development of different segments. Under his leadership, Mobile Money was launched even though the effectiveness of unbundling still lags.

The board of directors of Wana Corporate indicates that the new CEO will be tasked with setting up a new organization which will allow “to  dedicate the telecoms group as a significant player in the service of the digitization of its customers; to accelerate financial inclusion through mobile payment and to launch the internationalization of the operator while setting an ambitious course on the scale of the African continent ”.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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