More Africa NewsAlgeria: Ooredoo succeeded in pushing its mobile backhaul capacity to 10 Gbps with the help of Siae Microelettronica

October 23, 2020by myles0

Ooredoo Algeria has taken a step closer to its ambition to offer its subscribers a resilient network capable of withstanding unexpected situations. The telecoms company has succeeded in increasing its mobile backhaul capacity to 10 Gbps. Siae Microelettronica gave him a boost for this qualitative leap.

The mobile operator Ooredoo Algeria announced on October 21, 2020 the successful increase of its mobile backhaul capacity to 10 Gbps. The telecoms company succeeded in this operation thanks to the technical expertise of the company Siae Microelettronica, specializing in the supply of microwaves and millimeter waves radio for mobile backhauling.

The mobile backhaul is the intermediate network made up of all the links between the telecom stations and the core network, then connected to the data centers that host the content and applications to which mobile users have access.

Ooredoo’s increase in its 10 Gbps mobile backhaul was achieved by upgrading an existing link operating at 1 GHz bandwidth, the maximum allowed in the country. Ooredoo indicates that this achievement, which is part of its ongoing program to upgrade electronic band and multiband backhaul to multi-gigabit infrastructure, enables it to establish one of the most technologically advanced transport infrastructure in the world. Africa and Middle East region.

“  Investing in new technologies is fundamental to building resilient networks capable of withstanding unexpected situations  ,” said Abdelkrim Melab, head of transmission engineering at Ooredoo Algeria.

On the Algerian telecoms market, Ooredoo Algeria is battling with Djezzy and Mobilis to grab the largest market shares. Mobile backhaul is only one of the segments in which the Algerian subsidiary of the Qatari telecoms group Ooredoo is investing to strengthen its network and its quality of service in order to become the leader.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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