More Africa NewsAngola: the Nzadi consortium has started construction of its submarine fiber optic system

November 4, 2020by myles0

Angola is expected to be connected to a new submarine fiber optic system in 2023. Construction work on the Nzadi Cable System Project, owned by the Nzadi consortium, has been launched. It should strengthen the offer of broadband connectivity in the country and at the regional level.

The Nzadi consortium has launched work to deploy its fiber optic submarine cable called the Nzadi Cable System Project. The high-speed telecommunications infrastructure will link the Angolan capital Luanda to the city of Cabinda. It will be installed offshore with the technical expertise of the company WFN Strategies, specializing in the planning, engineering and implementation of submarine cables.

The Nzadi consortium’s submarine fiber optic system will consist of a main cable connecting Luanda to Cabinda in Angola and a branch unit for future connection to the town of Soyo, the country’s main oil production area located in the province of Zaire. Beyond providing high quality Internet connectivity to populations, the new Nzadi fiber optic cable system is also expected to improve the communications capabilities of offshore oil and gas companies.

Nzadi Cable System’s board chairman, Domingos Coelho, explained that the “  Nzadi cable system could potentially evolve beyond its primary focus of providing high capacity, low latency and highly reliable offshore connectivity, to become an extended regional network linking Angola to neighboring Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo  ”.

The submarine cable, which is expected to house more than fourteen pairs of optical fibers, will be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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