More Industry InsightsExtensia and 10T Tech Bring affordable eSIM enablement to African Operators

November 5, 2020by myles1

10T Tech Introduction | Sept 2020 from Geoffrey Head on Vimeo.

10T Tech are a GSMA compliant eSIM service provider, focusing on the challenger, ‘virtual’ mobile operators, and device manufacturers through innovative and aggressive commercial value proposition. 10T Tech allow their clients to take part in the eSIM revolution.

10T Tech disrupt the traditional big telco operating model, by offering a cost efficient, plug and play eSIM solution.

The platform is a digital replacement of what an operator does today at a physical store – hand out plastic SIM cards and assign them to subscriber profiles in their systems when activated. You no longer have to physically plug in the SIM card; instead, you can download a digital SIM profile by scanning a QR code provided by the 10T Tech platform.

Here is a GSMA insight report on eSIM

  • What is an eSIM? eSIM is an embedded sim solution set to revolutionise the telecom world. The concept is being driven by device manufacturers to enable them to utilise the space taken up by physical sim for increased storage and battery space on the devices. Apple are leading the way with eSIM compatibility in all of their devices and Samsung and Huawei are following the trend with eSIM compatibility enabled in their high end devices. Operators are also recognising a benefit in the removal of supply chain complexity and cost associated with physical sim cards.
  • What are the barriers to adoption of eSIM? There is a high cost for the enablement platform and currently a relatively low demand due to device compatibility making it hard for an operator to justify the investment in buying their own platform. Demand will change over time as more eSIM compatible devices come online (it is anticipated that Apple will eventually move to eSIM only phones over time so transition is inevitable).
  • What is 10T Tech’s solution? A hosted platform and managed service allowing an MNO or MVNO to enable their customers to use the eSIM option on their Apple or other high end, eSIM compatible devices. 10T Tech’s unique proposition is to offer this facility with no CAPEX or OPEX. Important to note that 10T Tech are offering the industry leading Idemia platform for this purpose and have a close working relationship with Idemia in order to offer this ‘platform as a service’ model. As an operator, you can be eSIM ready with no up-front cost and no license fee. You simply pay as you onboard customers at a cost of $2 per download. We can even offer a free Proof of Concept.
  • How is an eSIM profile enabled? eSIMs can be enabled by Physical QR Code, Online Digital Store, Mobile App Integration, Discovery server/e-sim alliance
  • How long does it take to get the service up and running? Depending on the method of enablement you would like to employ, launch time is typically 1-2 months (QR code), 2-4 months (Digital Store), 6 months (Mobile App)
  • Who should be interested in this service? 1) MNOs and MVNOs who do not want to sink a large amount of capex into buying their own platform 2) operators who already have Apple devices and other high end devices on their network or would like to attract the users of these devices to their network

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