More Africa NewsBotswana: Liquid Telecom improves Botswana fibre links

November 30, 2020by myles0

African telco group Liquid Telecom is activating a new 82km cross-border link between South Africa and Botswana, as it seeks to improve connectivity between the latter country and Liquid’s 73,000km pan-African fibre network. The new link runs between Lobatse on the South African border and Botswana’s capital city Gaborone. Odirile Tamajobe, Managing Director of Liquid Telecom Botswana, commented: ‘At Liquid Telecom, we have a proven track record of investing in and deploying technology designed to grow, strengthen and build Africa’s digital future. This expansion into Botswana is yet another proof point that shows our deep commitment to this practice.’ Earlier this week Liquid Telecom announced plans to take full control of its unit in Botswana, buying the 42.5% of shares currently held by Botswana Power Corporation (BPC).

Source: Commsupdate

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