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December 18, 2020by myles0

Led by two talented African investors, Mohamed Rissa, Chairman of the Rimbo group, and Moctar Thiam, Chairman of the Envol Afrique group, Zamani Com SAS acquired in November 2019 all of the stake held by the Orange group in the Orange Niger SA to become its sole shareholder. The new brand born from this acquisition is now called Zamani telecom and the new name of the company becomes Zamani Telecom Niger SA The name “Zamani”, both simple and with a positive connotation, was chosen because it embodies values ​​of proximity. In our local languages, “Zamani” means “change, novelty, trendy”.

modern, warm and sparkling visual identity

This rupture, which should also be read as a new impetus resolutely turned towards the future and in harmony with the desires, needs and diversity of customers in Niger and elsewhere, is accompanied by the adoption of new colors: yellow for desert and friendship, magenta for energy and warmth, blue for confidence and fresh spirit.

Focus on performance for each Nigerien (talked about 4G +)

The Managing Director Mr. Souleymane Diallo affirms it: “  We will offer to every Nigerien and to all our customers, innovative products and services, of quality, and at the right price. By relying on the best of technology, thanks to investments of more than 40 billion made this year, we will strive to reach the Nigerien populations in the most remote areas, providing them all with solutions. adapted which will contribute to the improvement of their daily well-being  ”.

Still according to the general manager, Zamani Telecom Niger SA, faithful to its promise to always be at the side of its customers, thanks to its 4G + technology which makes it the first 4G + network in Niger.

Zamani Telecom’s 4G + will support the growing needs of businesses in terms of mobility and superior quality. Professionals, at the office, at home or on the move, will be able to send emails with large attachments, organize video conferences with partners abroad.

4G + will allow us to consolidate our gains with Orange and above all to recruit new customers with the arrival of the new brand and thus offer our customers and the rest of the Nigerien population an unprecedented experience of 4G + technology, it will contribute to the economic and social development of Niger, thanks to the prospects offered in terms of e-commerce, e-health or e-education in particular.

Zamani Telecom will continue to provide the best 4G + experience in Niger and daily intends to improve the quality of this service for the greatest satisfaction of its customers. Moreover, 3G + coverage will soon be extended to 100% of network coverage.

A brand focused on people

A global telecommunications operator, Zamani Telecom places the customer, communities and businesses at the heart of its strategy in order to provide them with innovative digital solutions in a simple and direct language, and provide them with an unforgettable customer experience. All this is possible thanks to the unwavering commitment of our 360 collaborators and our indirect sales network of more than 22,000 stores spread across the country. As a benchmark digital operator, Zamani telecom NIGER SA also provides its customers with digital communication tools including the new website and the new MyZamani application .allowing everyone to manage their account and their activity even more easily.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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