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December 21, 2020by myles0

Cell C has been forced to implement a turnaround strategy as the mobile network operator has been struggling to hold its position in the market.

Despite its struggles and the difficulties brought about the COVID-19 pandemic, Cell C said its turnaround strategy has begun to yield good results.

It highlighted the following as major improvements to its business across its H2 2019 and H1 2020 financial results:

  • 18% MVNO revenue increase.
  • 18% increase in overall ARPU compared to H1 2019.
  • 13% direct expenditure decrease.
  • Addressed various inefficiencies in our subscriber base by reducing loss-making subscriber numbers.
  • Significantly improved liquidity platform as a result of addressing various operational inefficiencies.
  • Significant progress in changing our business model up to now as a buyer of wholesale capacity and expanding our coverage in conjunction with our various roaming agreements.

It also said that it has addressed and greatly improved various operational efficiencies, therefore setting the foundation for our new business model during 2020 and beyond.

“COVID-19 forced us to relook at the way we operate during the pandemic and beyond,” said Cell C.

“Cell C adopted and formalised a hybrid remote working model as a new way of working.”

“It further highlighted the need to fast tracks various digital platforms and the need to enhance the way we interact with our customers in person in our branded store environments, via digital channels as well as in conjunction with our various retail and banking partners.”

Brand wins

Cell C also highlighted that its brand has won several awards and achieved many other important things over the course of 2020.

This includes being nominated for the Standard Bank Top Women Awards in the Corporate Citizenship category.

“The awards recognise outstanding leadership for organisations which have shaped women’s roles within the public & private sectors,” said Cell C.

“The award was in recognition of the work done under the company’s ‘Gender Equality’ pillar, which focuses on the empowerment of women.”

The mobile network operator also finished 19th in the BrandZ Most Valuable Top 30 SA Brands rankings.

“The company has remained in the Top 20 for three consecutive years,” said Cell C.

“This is testament to the resilience of the Cell C brand, even in trying socio-economic times; the brand has maintained its customer-first principle, focused on understanding the ever-changing customer needs, and continued to offer exceptional service and value that its customers have come to expect.”

Cell C was also awarded its level 2 B-BBEEE status, which it said markedly increases the company’s scope for growth in the SA economy.

Finally, it renewed its sponsorship of the Cell C Sharks, which it said is about more than just having its logo on TV.

“Aligning with one of our core values of embracing diversity, this sponsorship is about more than our logo on their shirts, it’s about the common values reflected everything we do,” said Cell C.

Cell C said its plans for 2021 involve offering its customers with great network access by partnering with South Africa’s major network operators.

“In line with its network strategy Cell C will offer customer quality network access as a buyer and aggregator of wholesale network capacity by partnering with two large network operators via roaming arrangements, and focus on developing innovative service offerings overlaid on this telco platform,” said Cell C.

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