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More Africa NewsTanzania: Govt Expresses Optimism On ICT Links

January 7, 2021by myles0

COMMUNICATION and Information Technology Minister Dr Faustine Ndugulile has expressed confidence that the information and the communication technology sector will be a driving force in raising the economy a few years to come.

Speaking during his first meeting with staff at the newly formed ministry in Dodoma early this week, Dr Ndugulile said the use of information technology is inevitable in embracing the digital economy.

He said the ministry will act as a bridge between the public and government in several economic sectors to solve cross-cutting issues for better life and sustainable development for all.

“We have one big objective and that is to ensure Internet penetrates to at least 80 per cent of all Tanzanians’ lives… this will dovetail to the digital economy,” he said.

According to the minister e-commerce for example, can be enhanced with reliable internet services and he added that the only solution to the challenge is to expand access of fibre optic broadband across the country.

Elaborating, Dr Ndugulile said President John Magufuli wants to see all government’s departments connected together on the Internet and allow information share especially between the authority’s institutions to improve services to the public.

The minister said the technology will help solve several challenges especially in the agriculture sector, adding: “We need tailored technology or software that would connect the farmers and Extension Officers virtually. This will enable farmers to have access to all information, including markets for their products especially through their smartphones.

“So far we are doing well in some areas like mobile banking and e-government. But our main duty is to improve the infrastructures to reduce queries and protect our privacy.”

Commenting, Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Dr Zainabu Chaula called upon their staff to be more innovate and creative to meet the ministry’s vision.

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