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January 26, 2021by myles0

The telecoms sector is currently an economic lifeline for several African countries. The coronavirus has sparked a surge in consumption that will induce revenue growth in the sector over the next few years. Niger intends to take advantage of this.

The Republic of Niger decided this year to equip itself with a telecoms monitoring and control system. The investment will be made with part of the resources of the Development Investment Fund (FID). A draft decree was adopted for this purpose by the government, meeting in the Council of Ministers on Friday 22 January under the chairmanship of the Head of State, Issoufou Mahamadou.

The draft decree was adopted in accordance with the provisions of article 45 of law n ° 2018-47 of July 12, 2018, on the creation, organization and functioning of the regulatory authority for electronic communications and the post (Arcep) , which provides that “  each year, the terms of the use of the resources paid into the specific account opened in the books of the Central Bank, on behalf of the FID, are fixed by decree taken in the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Prime Minister for the following year’s account  ”.

Niger decides to monitor and control its telecoms services with regard to the major economic challenges they contain for the revival of growth. Several countries in Africa are currently making telecommunications – the consumption and income of which will see sustained growth in the coming years due to the coronavirus crisis – an economic lifeline. Even if the sector will not be able to meet all the financial needs of nations, the resulting resources should still contribute significantly to the State coffers.

The telecom services monitoring and control system will enable the government, through Arcep, to obtain real-time data on national and international telecom traffic. It will no longer be based solely on the information provided by telecom operators to assess the tax revenues expected from them.

From January to September 2020, the Niger tax authority declared that it had collected 8.5 billion FCFA (15.8 million USD) for the tax on the termination of incoming international traffic (TATTIE) and 3.01 billion FCFA for the tax. on the use of the telecommunications network (TURTEL). 

Source: Agence Ecofin

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