More Africa NewsSenegal: Expresso has only 24 days to revive fixed telephony and avoid sanctions

February 17, 2021by myles0

Only a few days after being slapped on the fingers, Expresso Senegal again attracts the discontent of the ARTP. The telecoms regulator accuses it of an additional breach of its contractual obligations.

Mobile operator Expresso Senegal has only 24 days left to relaunch fixed-line telephone services in Senegal and avoid sanctions from the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARTP). Through a formal notice sent Thursday, February 11, the telecoms regulator questioned the subsidiary of the Sudanese telecoms group Sudatel, holder of a global license, on the violation of the provisions of its specifications.

”  I put you notice, in accordance with Article 177 of Law No. 2018-28 of 1 st December 2018 on the Code of electronic communications, to reactivate the fixed telephony in all its forms, in accordance with Annex 1 of your specifications within thirty days of the date of receipt of this letter. After this period, the ARTP will be obliged to draw all the legal consequences  ”, indicated Abdoul Ly, the director general of the telecoms regulatory body to Rady Almamoun, the acting director general of Espresso.

This new pressure on the ARTP to Expresso comes just days after the telecoms regulator criticized it for several breaches of its commitments, in particular its insufficient investment in the network to improve the comfort of its customers in terms of access to a quality telecom service.

Faithful to its mission of policing the national telecoms market, the ARTP is tougher on telecom companies with regard to the socioeconomic issues of the various telecom services that they are required to provide to the population. Any breach of these obligations is likely to destabilize the competition which plays an essential role in the diversity of offers, the fall in prices, and the improvement of the quality of services. 

Source: Agence Ecofin

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