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More Industry InsightsRanking of African countries according to the average cost of 1GB mobile: Algeria snatches 1st place from Somalia

April 29, 2021by myles2

The demand for broadband connectivity is exploding in Africa in 2020. Several countries have chosen to lower access costs given the importance of the Internet for development. Cable.co.uk reveals good and bad students registered in the last 12 months.

Algeria is now the largest market in Africa and the 16 th  in the world where the average cost of a mobile data gigabyte is the most affordable. It costs 0.51 USD according to data from the data market of 230 countries compiled by the Cable.co.uk site   in its study entitled: “Worldwide mobile data pricing 2021: The cost of 1GB of mobile data in 230 countries”. It is a good progression for the country in one year. In 2020, the country already occupied the 15 th  place worldwide and 3 th  place of the continent with an average cost of UK valued at 0.65 dollars. 

Unlike Algeria, which gained places, Equatorial Guinea fell back. The country is among the markets on the continent where the average price of gigabit has become much more expensive. The average cost which was estimated at $ 12.78 in 2020 has climbed to $ 49.67. Equatorial Guinea which occupied 210 th place worldwide and the 44 th African is now classified in the 230 th place worldwide and the 51 th African site. The country took the last place occupied last year by Sao Tome and Principe which is second to last in the ranking.

Summary of the 2021 ranking of African countries:

(source:  www.cable.co.uk )

Rank AfricaWorld rankCountryAverage price of mobile GB
116Algeria$ 0.51
222Somalia$ 0.60
327Ghana$ 0.66
430Libya$ 0.74
532Tanzania$ 0.75
633Mauritius$ 0.75
739Mayotte$ 0.82
843Nigeria$ 0.88
944Western Sahara$ 0.88
1045Morocco$ 0.88
1148Cameroon$ 0.90
1250Senegal$ 0.94
1355Egypt$ 1.04
1459Tunisia$ 1.09
1561Djibouti$ 1.12
1662Zambia$ 1.13
1769Rwanda$ 1.25
1871Niger$ 1.28
1986Uganda$ 1.56
2089Angola$ 1.61
2194Ethiopia$ 1.71
22105Guinea$ 1.99
23109Burundi$ 2.09
24117Eswatini$ 2.24
25118Kenya$ 2.25
26130Ivory Coast$ 2.58
27131Liberia$ 2.59
28135Lesotho$ 2.66
29136South Africa$ 2.67
30140Mozambique$ 2.79
31143Congo$ 2.88
32150Comoros$ 3.21
33152Sierra Leone$ 3.26
34153Mali$ 3.28
35162Benign$ 3.61
36167Bostwana$ 3.92
37173Guinea-Bissau$ 4.41
38177Burkina Faso$ 4.52
39179Togo$ 4.79
40181Green cap$ 4.78
41183Gabon$ 4.82
42184Madagascar$ 5.14
43188Mauritania$ 5.56
44192Gambia$ 5.82
45212Seychelles$ 8.64
46214RCA$ 9.03
47224Namibia$ 22.37
48225Chad$ 23.33
49226Malawi$ 25.46
50227Sao Tomé and P.$ 30.97
51230Guinea Equat.$ 49.67

Source: Agence Ecofin


  • Tiaan Botha

    April 30, 2021 at 10:30 am

    So is Sudan and South Sudan not part of Africa?


    • myles

      April 30, 2021 at 10:57 am

      Thank you for your comment, We did not write the report, and yes of course Sudan and South Sudan are part of Africa, the full report can be found here https://www.cable.co.uk/mobiles/worldwide-data-pricing/ Sudan is listed as number 5 in the world as the least expensive!


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