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May 5, 2021by myles0

The April 2021 South African Internet service provider (ISP) rankings saw Axxess top the list while Rain continues to be ranked as the worst provider in South Africa.

The ISP rankings are based on customer satisfaction scores collected through MyBroadband’s mobile apps and web-based speed test portals.

After a user performs a speed test, they are asked to rate their ISP based on their overall satisfaction with the service.

These customer satisfaction ratings are then processed to produce a customer satisfaction percentage for each ISP. Higher scores indicate a better customer experience.

Axxess, which won the ISP of the Year Award in 2008, 2009, 2015, 2016, and 2017, narrowly beat Cool Ideas in the latest rankings.

Axxess received a customer satisfaction score of 79.0% in April, slightly higher than Cool Ideas’ 78.6%.

The top 5 were completed by Home Connect on 77.4%, RSAWEB on 77.0%, and Afrihost on 75.3%.

On the other end of the scale not much changed – Rain is still rated as the worst ISP in South Africa.

Rain’s customer satisfaction score of 56.7% was significantly worse than the industry average of 70%.

This shows that Rain has challenges to ensure they provide their customers with service levels which they expect.

Over the last year Rain has struggled with poor network performance and lagging client support.

Online platforms like Hellopeter, Twitter, and Facebook continue to be flooded with complaints from Rain clients about problems.

The reported problems include poor network speeds, billing, customer support, and network outages.

ARC co-CEO Johan van Zyl previously said Rain was aware of the problems and was working hard to address them.

The interventions included expanding coverage, protecting against load-shedding outages, and employing more support staff.

Rain has also made customer satisfaction a key deliverable for the company’s new management team to encourage improved performance.

To date, however, these interventions did not do much to improve customer satisfaction levels.

Rain is only one of two large Internet service providers in South Africa with a customer satisfaction rating below 60%.

Best and worst ISPs in South Africa

The table below provides the customer satisfaction scores and network speeds of prominent South African ISPs.

The first table shows the ratings for ISPs which received enough votes to produce an accurate average customer satisfaction score.

A few prominent ISPs did not receive enough votes to be included in the first table because the margin of error is too large for an accurate conclusion.

Their average scores, however, remain of interest and are shown in the second table. It should be noted that this information should not be compared to the first table.

South African ISP Rankings
ISP RatingCustomer Satisfaction Rating
Cool Ideas3.9378.6%
Home Connect3.8777.4%
Internet Solutions3.5270.3%
Cell C2.9759.4%
Smaller ISPs
ISP RatingCustomer Satisfaction Rating
Mind the Speed4.6793.3%
Screamer Telecoms3.0060.0%
Jenny Internet2.6753.3%

Source: My Broadband

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