More Africa NewsAlgeria: Mobilis and Djezzy obtained the renewal of their telecoms license for 5 years

May 13, 2021by myles0

The Algerian government has maintained competition in the national telecoms market. It approved the continuity of the activities of Mobilis and Djezzy. The two operators, with the largest number of subscribers, play a major role in the country’s digital transformation.

Mobilis, a subsidiary of Algeria Telecom, and Djezzy have obtained the renewal of their license to establish and operate an electronic communications network open to the public. Subjects of two draft decrees presented to the government on Tuesday 11 May by Sid Ahmed Ferroukhi, the Minister of Fisheries and Fishery Productions, Acting Minister of Post and Telecommunications, the said telecom license renewals were adopted during the meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad.

“  These two texts come into application of the provisions of Law 18-04 of May 10, 2018 setting the general rules relating to post and electronic communications and of Decree 01-124 of May 9, 2001 defining the procedure applicable to competitive bidding for the granting of telecommunications licenses. The two holders of the aforementioned mobile telephony licenses have met the conditions for renewing their licenses for a further period of 5 years, in accordance with the specifications provided for this purpose  ”, indicated the press release published by the Prime Minister’s services. minister.

The renewal of the telecoms license of Mobilis and Djezzy was essential given the need for quality telecoms service which has increased across the country since last year. According to the latest data from the Regulatory Authority for Post and Electronic Communications (Arpce), the two companies, first and second in the market in terms of subscribers, held a combined market share of 73.18%. That is a total of 33,337,780 telecom subscribers out of the 45.556 million recorded by the telecoms regulator in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Telecoms networks are now essential for the Algerian government to carry out the digital transformation of the country that it has accelerated since last year. Failure to renew the operating permits of Mobilis and Djezzy would have seriously hampered the ambitions of the national authorities.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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