More Africa NewsBotswana: Orange launches TD-LTE broadband network

June 8, 2021by myles0

Mobile operator Orange Botswana has launched a new TD-LTE network to provide fixed-wireless connectivity for home and business users. The Konnecta Max service includes three tiers of pre-paid and post-paid offers and is available to customers in 22 towns across the country. The cellco already uses its FDD 4G network to provide access for home users.

Orange Botswana CEO Dr Patrick Benon is cited by ITWeb as saying: ‘With the COVID-19 crisis, Botswana’s need for fixed internet has tremendously increased, and our customers need more speed, more stability and unlimited internet at an affordable price … We have decided to use 4G-TDD technology because at home our customers consume heavy amounts of data, and they want unlimited internet. Also, it was important to separate the fixed internet network from the mobile network to avoid fixed internet usage compromising the quality of our mobile usage.’

Source: Commsupdate

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