More Africa NewsAfricell Angola entrusted Oracle with the construction of the monetization system for its future mobile services

August 17, 2021by myles0

Everything seems on track for the launch of Africell Angola’s telecoms services in December 2021. The telecoms company, which wants to strike hard with quality services, has surrounded itself with internationally renowned experts for this purpose to build your network.

The mobile operator Africell Angola entrusted the construction of its charging and billing system to Oracle Communications company last week. The platform at the heart of the monetization of all future mobile services of the new telecoms company is one of the many fronts on which it is currently working. Africell Angola is keen to effectively launch its telecoms services by the end of 2021.

According to Younes Chaaban, the technical director of Africell, the Oracle solution was chosen because it meets the business and technical requirements of the company and will accelerate its time to market in Angola. “  Africell is committed to establishing fast and reliable mobile connectivity in the local communities we serve. As we grow our business, we need flexible and scalable billing and revenue management systems that support our prepaid and postpaid service models, and that will support future 5G services  , ”said he added elsewhere.

Since it officially obtained its telecoms license in February 2021, Africell has been gradually shaping its telecoms network in Angola. Last July, Nokia started building its core network. Under the terms of the contract signed with the Finnish telecom supplier, it will deploy its unique AirScale radio access network (S-RAN) across 700 sites to simultaneously support 2G, 3G and 4G services. A software update will then be enough for services to switch to 5G when regulatory authorizations to launch this mobile technology are given in the country.

Angola is currently the Africell group’s fourth largest telecoms market in Africa. He has great expectations there. All the investments made so far by the company have the sole objective of entering forcefully into the new telecoms market through a quality network, quality services at affordable prices. Quickly secure substantial market shares that will be exploited in the long term to consolidate the financial health of the subsidiary.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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