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More Africa NewsSomalia: the telecoms regulator has given illegal operators until August 31 to comply

August 17, 2021by myles0

The Somali government is continuing to put its telecoms market in order, initiated in 2017. After the development of an adequate legal framework, which had been lacking since 1991, it is now a question of ensuring its strict compliance by the different market players.

After August 31, the deadline is for communication infrastructure providers, application and service providers, Internet access providers (ISPs), telecom equipment and terminal suppliers, name registrars. domain and non-licensed VSAT service providers will not be able to operate in Somalia. It is since last July that the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Somalia has been raising awareness among the various players in the national telecoms market on the need to work from now on within a legal framework.

According to the NCA, the unified licensing framework – developed in 2019 and entered into force in February 2020 – to which any company wishing to provide ICT and telecom services in the country must comply has been designed to promote technological innovation and provide a environment more conducive to market growth and improvement of the well-being of populations. Continuing to want to operate on the fringes will only contribute to harming the development of the ICT and Telecoms market.

The order that the NCA is currently carrying out is the continuation of a deep restructuring of the telecoms market initiated by the country since 2017, after 26 years of legal vacuum. With the support of the World Bank, aware of the major development challenges supported by telecommunications, the government adopted in turn a law on telecommunications on August 21, 2017, then a regulatory agency in February. 2018. In December 2019, the adoption of the national ICT strategy took place.

With the acquisition of operating licenses by providers of various ICT and telecoms services, the Somali government will record financial revenues that were previously unrecognized anywhere. He will also benefit from a clear vision of the national telecoms market which will also benefit him in terms of taxation.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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