More Africa NewsDjibouti Telecom doubles its capacities on the DARE1 cable in the face of growing data demand

August 25, 2021by myles0

Lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis, the government of Djibouti is more than determined to make the country’s digital transformation a reality. Through its incumbent operator, it is increasing investments to strengthen connectivity, an essential element in achieving its ambition.

Djibouti Telecom has started increasing its Internet capacity on the DARE1 fiber optic submarine cable. This operation, entrusted to the American company Ciena, specializing in the supply of telecommunications network equipment and software services, will allow the incumbent operator to double line speeds to 400 gigabits per second and meet growing demand for connectivity expressed by the populations of Djibouti.

Mohamed Assoweh Bouh, Managing Director of Djibouti Telecom, believes that “  submarine cable networks are our lifeline for the connected world, especially with more people relying on the Internet than ever before ”. For him, upgrading DARE1 is essential because it ”  allows us to bring the connectivity and content we need so badly to more users, and faster, to drive economic growth. of our region today and for years to come  ”.

Since 2014, the government of Djibouti has been carrying out the ambitious plan to give the entire population better access to very high speed. In 2019, in the light of the Covid-19 crisis which highlighted the power of digital in development, this ambition was further fleshed out and transformed into the Djibouti Numérique project, a vision of national economic growth focused on on ICT. Quality connectivity being the cornerstone of this profound transformation.

Through the doubled data capacities of DARE1, associated with those already provided by the eight submarine optical fiber systems to which the country is connected, Djibouti Telecom will not only consolidate the connectivity offer, but also the attractiveness of the technological market. from the small nation to foreign investors. 

Source: Agence Ecofin

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