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August 25, 2021by myles0

Telkom has finally launched support for embedded Sims, or eSims, on smartphones connected to its network.

This means that Apple iPhone users, for example, will be able to use the eSim functionality in their devices to connect to Telkom while using the physical Sim card slot to connect to another network.

In other words, Telkom customers will be able to activate a tariff plan without having to use a physical Sim.

“Telkom will offer customers an eSim voucher pack that will contain a QR code with the necessary steps to install an eSim profile on any eSim-enabled handset,” Dawson explained.

“To use the eSim, a customer needs a package from Telkom — a prepaid or post-paid service, such as Telkom More or FreeMe. Additionally, the customer will need a voucher and QR code to install the eSim profile. The handset will not require a physical or traditional Sim card. Customers may use their eSim-enabled handset and scan the QR code contained in the eSim voucher pack to download Telkom’s eSim profile and to install this profile on their handset.”

Dual Sim

He said most customers will be able to have more than one Sim card — a dual-Sim setup — as most eSim-enabled devices still have a physical Sim slot available. “Since eSims are embedded in devices, users can’t lose their Sims and these eSims are more reliable than traditional, physical Sim cards,” Dawson said.

Non-smartphone devices such as smartwatches that are eSim enabled will be supported “at a later stage”, Telkom said. 

Source: NewsCentral Media

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