More Africa NewsNigeria: Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy announces 5G deployment in January 2022

September 28, 2021by myles0

Over the past sixteen months, the government of Nigeria has succeeded in combating disinformation, carrying out international benchmarking and developing a national 5G policy. Faced with this increasingly clear horizon, some telecom companies are already impatient.

According to Nigeria’s Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, the deployment of 5G could take place in January 2022. Ubale Maska (the Commissioner of Technical Services of the Communications Commission of Nigeria, representing the Minister of Communications and the Digital Economy, Ali Isa Pantami) revealed this Thursday, September 23 during the public assembly organized in Maiduguri, by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, to raise awareness on the protection of electrical and telecom infrastructures.  

A few days before this revelation by Ubale Maska, Mohammed Rufai, the technical director of MTN Nigeria, was already expressing the impatience of the telecoms company to invest in this new market segment. “  We are excited about the opportunities that 5G presents and look forward to participating in the licensing process. The speed and latency that 5G technology offers to users is very impressive and opens up a multitude of possibilities to take advantage of the Internet of Things and digital services in general,  ”he said in an interview with ITWeb Africa .

This development around 5G comes after the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy entrusted the Communications Commission of Nigeria, on September 10, with the mission of rapidly implementing 5G in the country. This call to action of the ministry followed the approval by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) of the national policy on 5G, on September 8, after several days of investigation of the Senate which finally demonstrated the harmless character of this mobile health technology.

According to Ali Isa Pantami, the deployment of 5G will be phased, starting with major cities in the country ”  where there is a need for high quality broadband  “. He believes that 5G should facilitate the blossoming of several emerging technologies, generate innovative use cases, stimulate significant socio-economic growth and create jobs. 

Source: Agence Ecofin

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