More Africa NewsSenegal: ARTP announces the construction of a $ 1.7 million frequency control center in Kolda

November 24, 2021by myles0

Since 2007, the Senegalese telecoms regulator has wanted to improve the quality of mobile service outside the capital. Last June, it took the first step towards achieving its objective with the inauguration of a first regional frequency control center. The second stage is already in preparation.

Senegal’s Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority (Artp) announces the construction of a frequency control center in the city of Kolda, capital of the eponymous region, located in the south of the country.

It was Abdoul Ly (photo), the director general of the public body, who unveiled it on Monday, November 22, on the sidelines of the “consumer caravan”, an information trip on the missions and activities of Artp launched since November 14 in southern Senegal, which called at Ziguinchor and Sédhiou before arriving in Kolda where it will end on November 28.

Abdou Ly said the Kolda frequency control center will cost nearly one billion FCFA ($ 1.7 million). It will facilitate the work of the telecoms regulator in terms of control and materialize its desire to decentralize its activities related to telecommunications services such as spectrum control, as well as better management of problems related to quality of service (QoS) and to the collection of royalties.

The Kolda frequency control center will be the second regional center built by Artp in the country. The first, inaugurated last June by the Head of State, Macky Sall, during his economic tour in the north of the country, is located in Matam, capital of the region of the same name.

The two investments result from the implementation in 2007 of the management information system and automated control of frequencies (SIGAF) project which enabled Artp to install a national frequency management center in Dakar.

Beyond improving the operational efficiency of Artp in its missions, the Director General of Artp underlined that “ the future Kolda center will be a vector of jobs for young people in the Fouladou area, such as as recommended by the President of the Republic ”.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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