More Africa NewsCameroon: government warns consumers over suspicious 5G service claims

December 7, 2021by myles0

Mobile telephony service users in Cameroon have been warned to treat claims of 5G services and trial success made by NGOs with caution.

This follows a statement released by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Minette Libom Li Likeng which refuted claims by a local NGO Likalo Li Sanaga that it has demonstrated the provision of 5G network services in Cameroon, in partnership with US NGO Remember Africa.

The Minister said that to date, no 5G license has been granted to any entity in Cameroon and added: “The organisations do not have any concession agreement to operate as an electronic communications service provider.”

Her Ministry warned organisations that failure to stop their activities could result in sanctions, as per legislation regulating electronic communication in the country.

Cameroon has yet to officially approve 5G trials in the country. Two years ago MTN Cameroon had requested permission from the Telecommunications Regulatory Board (ART), but there has been no decision made to date.

Representatives from the NGOs had not responded to request for comment at the time of publishing.

Source: IT Web Africa

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