More Africa News“Africa.Connected” report: Vodacom Group proposes a multi-stakeholder approach to improve digital inclusion in Africa

January 17, 2022by myles0

Aware of the many different socio-economic complexities and dynamics that continue to impede digital access in parts of Africa, the Vodacom Group aims to connect the next 100 million Africans through its “Africa .Connected”. This major project supports the group’s ambition to ensure that no one is excluded from the global digital economy and that every citizen of the African continent can benefit from access to education, employment and public and financial services.

Thus, the Vodafone/Vodacom Group has published a new report as part of its Afrique.Connectée campaign on “  accelerating 4G in sub-Saharan Africa  ”. The Report, by independent consultancy Caribou Digital, offers a multi-stakeholder approach in four key steps to improve digital inclusion in African countries, where the mobile phone usage gap is the largest in the world:  

  • Making 4G devices more accessible – Nearly 2.5 billion people live in countries where the cost of the cheapest smartphone available is unaffordable. To address this problem, it is suggested to expand the device financing programs for people with little or no credit history, reduce the amount of taxes on imports of 4G smartphones and increase manufacturing. local appliances in Africa.
  • Investing in demand for 4G technology – 375 million young Africans are expected to enter the workforce by 2030 and will need skills to excel in a digital economy. The report suggests increasing funding and support for digital start-ups and that device makers could create more inclusive products.
  • Provide Targeted Funding for Underserved Demographics – Programs need to consider and target the significant gender and rural-urban gap in device ownership in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Reallocate 2G spectrum – Reallocating mobile spectrum currently used for 2G devices would allow more people to use 4G. 

The Report is available via the following link:

As a reminder, it was following the economic impact of Covid-19 that the “Africa.Connected” campaign was launched at the start of 2021 by the Vodacom Group. This initiative aims to contribute to the revival of the African economy in general and the DRC in particular through a permanent growth in the digital penetration rate for the acceleration of the socio-economic development of African countries. It also aims to improve connectivity in DR Congo and throughout Africa, in order to build stronger, more resilient, more inclusive and sustainable economies.

For more information on the “Africa.Connected” campaign, please click on the link below: 

Source: Agence Ecofin

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