More Africa NewsNigeria: Globacom signs network expansion deal with Ceragon

February 2, 2022by myles0

Ceragon Networks has announced the signing of a deal with Nigerian telecoms operator Globacom to further expand its network coverage and capacity, and enhance service delivery to customers. As part of the multimillion-dollar deal, Ceragon will be providing a customised solution that covers long-haul rural areas, high-capacity metro as well as the access network, enabling Globacom to enhance its existing subscribers’ quality of experience and to expand its reach to further grow its market share. Deployment of the project, which was initiated in Q4 2021, is due for completion in the first half of 2022. The project will bring a solution to fibre cut issues as Globacom will leverage Ceragon’s IP-50 E-Band solution to provide metro backhauling instead of fibre, and at times as backup. The solution will offer high capacity of 10Gbps over the air, with an upgrade path to 20Gbps, as needed.

‘We believe that our partnership with Ceragon will help in our desire to build the most robust, advanced telecoms network. Ceragon’s field-proven solutions and services allow us to quickly and reliably ramp-up our 4G and future 5G network and capacity needs, while minimising our overall total cost of ownership,’ commented Globacom.

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