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February 15, 2022by myles0

Over the past seven years, Egypt has multiplied investments in telecoms infrastructure with a view to becoming a major player in the digital economy. The country has made connectivity an essential axis of this ambition.

Egypt and Greece will soon be linked by an undersea fiber optic system. The incumbent Telecom Egypt and the Greek energy infrastructure company Grid Telecom signed a memorandum of understanding to this effect on Wednesday 9 February. As part of this new partnership, both parties will explore possible options for expanded access to other destinations depending on the infrastructure and capacities of their international routes.

“  The memorandum of understanding signed between the two companies will contribute to strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of communications and information technology by maximizing data traffic that crosses the Mediterranean Sea, via Egypt and Greece. This will lead to future discussions on accelerating the construction of undersea cables between the two countries, which will facilitate the massive flow of data around the world, which continues to increase exponentially  ,” said Amr Talaat, the Egyptian Minister of Communication and Information Technology.

The memorandum of understanding signed by Telecom Egypt and Grid Telecom is a further step taken by Egypt and Greece in the framework of strengthening their bilateral cooperation. It comes almost two months after the discussions initiated by the two nations on an electrical interconnection via an undersea cable across the Mediterranean. For Egypt in particular, this is a new strategic investment by the incumbent operator in high-speed telecom infrastructure.

Amr Talaat said that due to its distinct geographical location, Egypt is a regional data hub, as it transfers traffic to Asia, Africa and Europe via more than 13 submarine cables. . He claimed that these cables “  should increase to 18 within three years  ”. 

Source: Agence Ecofin

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