More Africa NewsUganda saving USD1.1bn annually thanks to national backbone project

March 30, 2022by myles0

Authorities in Uganda say the country’s national backbone project is saving UGX4 trillion (USD1.1 billion) annually thanks to the digitalisation of government services. Dr Hatwib Mugasa, Executive Director of the National Information Technology Authority, Uganda (NITA-U), is cited by ITWeb as saying that more than 1,400 ministries, agencies and local government offices can now utilise electronic services such as integrated management systems, e-tax and e-passports using infrastructure built during the ten-year project.

He said: ‘We have rolled out over 4,172km of backbone fibre cable in 62 districts of Uganda. We are also rolling out last mile fibre cable to extend connectivity to the grass root user all the way to the Parish. In a few weeks from now we shall have completed 764km under the Last Mile Phase and citizens shall be able to access e-government services at 1,400 administrative locations.’

Source: Commsupdate

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