More Africa NewsCongo: the CAB steering committee sets a budget of $20.7 million to complete ongoing ICT projects

April 5, 2022by myles0

In 2021, the CAB-Congo steering committee set itself the objective of finalizing several projects. However, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a certain slowdown in the realization of the project. While some activities have been completed, others are still in the implementation phase.

The Congolese Steering Committee of the Central Africa Backbone (CAB) project, which aims to connect Central African countries through high-speed telecom infrastructure, has set its budget for the 2022 financial year at 12.3 billion FCFA (20. $7 million). It was adopted on Thursday January 31 in Brazzaville. The money will make it possible to pursue and complete several key projects. These include the finalization of the Congo-Central African Republic fiber optic interconnection; the technical and environmental audit of fiber-optic network infrastructures on the land axis for the Congo-Cameroon and Congo-RCA interconnection on the river axis; construction and operationalization of two national data centers.

“  The execution of the project has experienced several difficulties practically linked to the Covid-19 crisis, which has caused delays in the delivery of equipment, in the return of certain consultations… Today, our disbursement rate is weaker than expected, but we have good faith that for this year 2022, things will improve so that there is no longer any blockage in the progress of the project. We are sure to finalize everything that we have already started  ,” indicated the national coordinator of the CAB project, Michel Ngakala.

The budget adopted and the annual work plan for 2022 are a continuation of the projects initiated in previous years. For the activities of the year 2021, the CAB-Congo steering committee had set a budget of 13 billion FCFA. This made it possible in particular to complete the fiber optic interconnection between Congo and Cameroon. It also made it possible to begin work on the fiber optic interconnection of Congo and the CAR, as well as the process for the construction of a national data center.

The finalization of the planned projects will make it possible to consolidate Congo’s national broadband telecommunications network. The project is expected to empower the country and its Central African neighbors with respect to high-speed telecom infrastructure and reduce the digital divide in border areas. It should also allow the government to provide people with easier access to the digital world, which is more efficient and cheaper.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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